Roof Moss Removal in Coeur d'Alene

Roof Moss Removal for North Idaho residents restores your home's curb appeal and invest in one of the most important aspects of property ownership. Brandon's Window Cleaning removes any accrued moss or algae at the root. Our moss removal process carefully cleans your roof without damage.

Benefits of Moss Removal on your Roof

Roof moss removal is often overlooked with time. The buildup of moss and algae on roofs is harmful to the life expectancy of a roof. Moss over time will continue to cause damage to a roof and potentially cause expensive damage longer-term, despite being seemingly harmless. Moss is living organisms, and they secure a stronghold on the surface of roof tiles and shingles. This stronghold starts to cause hairline cracks, and after years of harsh winters, cracks begin to deepen and widen. Moss typically contains a lot of moisture, and in the winter moisture freezes and expands. The expansion of moss provokes harm to roof shingles. As a result, progressive damage adds up over time and is destined to lead to expensive repairs.
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Prevent Moss from Blocking Your Gutters

Rain gutters you'd find on your property are designed to move the rainwater away from your home. Rainwater can lead to water ingress, as well as potential structural damage to any roof. Moss likes to play a major roll in blocked downpipes which can cause backups of rainwater in your gutter. As a result, you may be left with a damaged roof or gutter system. The best way to prevent damage is to perform routine maintenance on your roof and gutter system. Brandon's Window Cleaning recommends having a trusted expert assess your current conditions.
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Improve Overall Curb-Appeal of Your Property, No More Falling Moss

It's best to ensure you have a well-maintained property. It is vital to know what's necessary to prevent unnecessary damage. Having moss removed from your roof has longterm benefits to the life expectancy of your roof. It is also excellent for adding to the curb appeal of your property. When considering adding your property to the market, moss removal from your roof will add value to your home. Maintaining a clean roof and empty gutters will pass along peace of mind to potential home buyers.
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Potential Risks Associated with Roof Moss Removal

Uncovering Pre-Existing Conditions to your Shingles, Tiles.

Moss Removal is a necessary step to maintaining your property. Still, this procedure poses the risk of running into pre-existing conditions. One way to find out the true condition of your roof is to remove layers of moss and algae build-up. An expert at Brandon's Windows may suggest manual scraping if your property has endured years of build-up. We recommend you contact Brandon's Window Cleaning today to schedule a consultation. An expert will help you achieve a clean roof. We believe in preventing any unnecessary further damage to your property.

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Damage to Your Roof From Cleaning & Moss Removal

When you decide to hire a service provider, you risk potential damage to your roof. Inexperienced professionals may cause further damage to your roof by breaking shingles or tiles. However, no service provider can guarantee not to break a single shingle. Your trusted service provider should take the essential steps to ensure they protect your roof. While deciding on a professional service provider, you should look for the following qualities.

  1. Positive Feedback from Business Reviews
  2. Honest, Transparent Practice
  3. Doesn't Set Unrealistic Expectations
  4. Gives a True Assessment on Your Situation
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A Mess Left Behind by Your Contractor

It's important to choose a reputable service provider when seeking to have your roof cleaned of moss and algae build-up. Your job should be done right, without significant damage added to your property. A reputable provider should only consider the job done once the site is cleared of remnants. It is the responsibility of your provider to ensure your property isn't bombarded with moss all over the ground and landscaping. At Brandon's Window Cleaning, we believe in leaving your property as tidy if not tidier then when we arrived.
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Brandon's Window Cleaning Moss Removal Process

We have a streamlined process to provide you with a service that is as efficient, tidy, and as gentle on your roof as possible.

Determining The Cost for your Property

Multiple variables go into the cost of getting the moss and algae removed from your roof. The following variables are typically considered when provided assessments.

  • The Roof's Size
  • The Type of Material (Shingle, Tile, Metal, etc)
  • The Roof's Shape & Complexity to Navigate
  • The Space Around The Property (Landscaping, Trees, Outbuildings)
  • The Geographical Location and Weather
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Related FAQ

Does Algae, Moss and Lichen Damage My Roof?

Absolutely. Algae is the #1 reason premature failure of roofs. These particular types of algae have a root system that will decompose roofing materials over time.

Is Your Services Insured Against Damages or Accidents?

Yes! Brandon's Windows has insurance to protect you against any accidents, or damages to your property.

What Are The Black Streaks on My Roof?

Black streaks, otherwise known as an algae called Gloeocapsa magma, is nitrogen fixed. This means it needs no nutrition to grow. These streaks are a sign of reproduction leaving millions of dead cells that build up over time.

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